Non-Fiction Review: Yigal Arkin’s “Monumental Money”

This book was published a year ago, and I am happy to finally have it on my shelf!

I can see using this book as I teach my children about money, or referring back to it again during our lessons on Presidential history. It will definitely give them a stronger sense of why they should care, what these pieces of linen and piles of coin really mean in value; to slow down and enjoy the richness of our heritage that we pass around so blithely in the consumer marketplace.

The breakdown of each section and chapter was very intuitive, and led seamlessly from one chunk of information to the next. Each part was well-researched, and provided not just the basics of each bill, but the history surrounding it, and the impact that currency had on our nation. I love the small details, the “behind-the-scenes” look in subjects I am passionate about, and Mr. Arkin’s work more than fulfilled my desire to know more about our money and our history. It is a lot of information to take in at once, but is written in a very clear way, so that I never felt overwhelmed during my reading.

I would recommend buying the actual paperback or hardback for your shelves, as the E-Book had some formatting issues that made several pages very hard to read. As a teaching tool, I do not recommend the e-book version.

I greatly enjoyed this read, and look forward to keeping it on my shelf to pull out again!

I received a review copy of this book through NetGalley.


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