Non-Fiction Review: Kayla Grey’s “Cash Flow Your College”

Kayla Grey, the talented mind behind the family life blog Renown and Crowned, has just come out with her first book! I have known this author personally for many years, and am excited to see her insights and practical advice in published form.

The first thing the reader notices about Cash Flow Your College is the personal tone and style. The author talks directly to her readers in a conversational way, sharing her story and the steps she followed to get to where she is today. This isn’t a “quick fix” book, but a series of guidelines and tasks the readers can follow and tailor to their own personal journey. It reminds me greatly of another author I have reviewed, Rivka Caroline, whom I also absolutely recommend. This style of writing creates success for its readers, as the authors acknowledge that each person’s journey is different, yet even so, there are similar foundational steps all can take to reach their ultimate goals.

One of the things I enjoyed most were all of the links for extra information and research. Mrs. Grey does not only give her readers advice on what steps they need to take, but also supplies the tools so they can follow through. Many high school counselors or college-prep booklets will only provide the broad, well-known research avenues for their students, but this author goes above and beyond, supplying insights for every step outlined in her chapters.

The chapters are also very well laid out. While this book is only 46 pages long, each section contained enough meat and practical application, that I see myself, and others who would use this to advise college-bound students, breaking it down into a week-long study guide. Each step takes time to complete, and Mrs. Grey asks pointed questions and suggests defined goals that guide the reader to actual results. I especially enjoyed the detail in each chapter, like sitting down with the class requirements for your major and making out a year-by-year plan. Those little steps are so easy to forget as we whiz past in the flurry of prepping everything else, but are so helpful in the long run.

This book is a must for anyone considering furthering their education!

I received a review copy of this book from the author


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