Fiction Review: Le French Book – “Cognac Conspiracies”

Winemaker Detective #5!

When you find a great series, you can’t help but just go hungrily from one title to the next. The only downside is when you begin to near the end of the currently published or translated works, and have to begin the eager wait for the next!

I’ve said it before in my reviews, and I’ll say it over again – the mark of a stellar author is one that remains true to their style, but also innovates with each new work. And the authors of the Winemaker Detective series have hit that mark each and every time. The new facet they bring out in Cognac Conspiracies is that of extended passages from other viewpoints than that of Cooker. I even noticed the word usage changed depending on the character, as certain words and descriptive styles would show up more often respectively, and it really helped to shift the perspective. I really liked that about this work, it added a layer of interest.

This book also stretched me as a linguist, as I had to stop and look up no less than 3 words throughout my reading. I greatly enjoyed getting to expand my vocabulary and understanding of the world of the book, but I must recommend that readers keep a dictionary close at hand when they pick up Cognac Conspiracies!

I’ve shared before how these books are written from a world-view and style very different from my previous experience, and I’ve enjoyed getting to experience that. However, this particular title seemed a little out of the normal cadence for the authors. My reading felt like the sensation of going down a bumpy road while having a conversation. There was bumpy, wobbling aspect to the voice in this work, but as always, the mystery wrapped with a straight forward, clean ending. I didn’t feel the quality of the tale suffered any, it was just something that gave me pause in my reading.

Cognac Conspiracies went back to more of your classic mystery feel, but this was enriched by the multiple viewpoint format. The tale brings to life the business perils that are a reality in the world of spirits, or really any enterprise – but gave the reader something more to ponder by focusing on how different parties react when it comes to dealing with a family business; how to balance generational legacy with profits and market relevancy.

Highly recommended!

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.


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