Fiction Review: Rachel Bach’s “Fortune’s Pawn”

As a fan of the mecha genre, I am always drawn toward stories that incorporate some sort of suit, just to see what variation they do upon the theme. Fortune’s Pawn does not disappoint. My only quibble? I now want my own Lady Grey!

The thing I enjoyed most while reading Fortune’s Pawn was Ms. Bach’s unique descriptions. She perfectly captures the image she is trying to paint in our minds, but with an unexpected simile or metaphor. It really pulled the reader in and made the world the author created an immersive experience right off the bat.

I also liked the way in which Ms. Bach built her characters throughout the book. We get a fully rounded picture without slowing down the pace of this fast-moving book for any lengthy exposition.

And fast-moving indeed! The reader is kept at a relentless pace, which is great for building the atmosphere of the story and conveying the world in which Devi lives and operates.

I enjoyed the character of Devi, but toward the end of the book, something seemed off. While she is supposed to be a strong-willed, give no quarter character, she came across more as head-strong, which is at odds with our first introduction to this decorated officer. We are introduced to an unconventional, yet perfect military officer, and since her whole life’s goal depends upon her performance on Caldswell’s watch, I expected more crisp, perfect military performance. It feels like her character gets off track somewhere.

As there are two more books in the trilogy, which I look forward to reading, perhaps they will finish out Devi’s tale in a way that reconciles all parts.

Nevertheless, a fun read!

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley.


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