Fiction Review: Jessica Dotta’s “Born of Persuasion”

When I received this book I knew it was part of a trilogy, however, I did not know until I finished that it was in essence a very long chapter one, not a standalone work. I personally am not a fan of series that don’t make each work a complete tale within the whole of the overarching story. If an author is worried about bringing readers back, they should not default to the cliff-hanger, “tune in next thursday,” gimmick, but strengthen the work they already have. A great story, a well-crafted world, will bring the audience back again and again.

The pace of this work was much slower than those of my most recent reviews. This gives the reader time to completely understand the feelings and mindset of Julia, as we see everything from her point of view, and her perception.

However, we are told the tale by future Julia, looking back on everything that happened. I thought this was a neat twist on the “unreliable narrator,” as Julia gives us no reason to doubt or rethink anything that is happening, until she herself throws out a “what if” or “perhaps” into our reading.

The action doesn’t really pick up until about the last third of the book, and while I liked the opportunity to get such an in-depth look into Julia’s mindset, I felt it work was so focused on character development, it didn’t allow itself to just relax and tell the story.

An interesting read, just be forewarned that you must invest in the trilogy as a whole to complete the story.

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley.


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