Non-Fiction Review: Jim Defede’s “The Day the World Came to Town”

It’s been a while since I have sat down and read a book cover to cover, and I enjoyed this one immensely! The story-telling style, the pacing, and the story itself made for an amazing work that I am definitely adding to my personal library!

I was in 8th grade science class when I learned something had happened to the twin towers. And then….nothing. For the next four years of secondary education, I didn’t learn about it in school, or really even talk about it in any class. This book taught me several things about that day that even up until this point, I personally didn’t know – starting with the fact that ALL of United States’s airspace was shut down.

And that’s where the work starts, with what happened to all the other planes up in the air, heading to American airports. The story is fascinating and will definitely inspire you to get out and help your neighbor!

I learned the facts of 9/11 in the many works I’ve read since then, and I still wonder about never learning about it from my schooling. Was it because it was still so soon, so raw? Or because we were old enough to understand what had happened and had “experienced” it, our educators felt we didn’t need it added to our history lessons? I might go and ask my parents and grandparents about how long it took the JFK assassination or Pearl Harbor to show up while they were in school. Perhaps my experience is unique. All I know is I wish it hadn’t taken me 13 years to find this book! (published in 2002)

I can’t say enough good about this work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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