Fiction Review: Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry’s “The Book of the King”

A recommendation review!

The primary genre I read for pleasure is allegory, particularly fantasy-based. So upon learning of this series, I was interested to see what kind of introduction it created for the younger reader into the genre. 

The Book of the King is the first title in The Wormling Series. Five titles in total, each at just about 300 pages each, this is a good step for younger readers transitioning to longer series. This would be a good lead-in to other young adult series that I fully recommend, such as those by Donita K. Paul or Patrick Carr.

I absolutely love the writing style that Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Fabry use in The Book of the King. The language and cadence are perfectly balanced, and really draws you in. As this is targeted at a younger audience, they do an incredible job of “show, don’t tell” description, without going overboard and getting long-winded. They speak TO the intended audience, not down AT them.

At only 300 pages, the story moves at a brisk pace, but there were several times it felt like the reader was almost being rushed along past the story, instead of getting to participate in it. There were times it was a little blurry as to what was happening in the action scenes, or when there is dialogue between several characters at once. Perhaps, if I were to go back and re-read the work at an intentionally measured pace, it would clear a bit. Also, this is the first book, and usually it takes at least one book for any series to get its footing.

Wait, it ended there?! But we were just getting started on the quest!

The ending comes up rather abruptly, at least to an older reader. Looking at it through the lens of a younger reader, we have just gotten through one epic battle, have geared up for the next part of the journey, and set our foot on the path to it. It is a natural break, and a good hook for them to want the next book.

An interesting read.  I’ll have to look into the rest of the series.


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