Fiction Review: Mary Ellis’s “Midnight on the Mississippi”

A cute and interesting story. This is the first of a new series by Ms. Ellis, and it sets the books to come on a great foot.

I really like the character of Nicki, she is very real and believable. It draws the reader in to have her as our entrance to this world. I especially liked the great use of dialogue between the characters. That is something I have a hard time getting right, so to see it well done is always a treat.

The blurb on the book talks about the characters turning to God to help them with their problems, and other than a few statements of what they believed on a certain point, I didn’t really see that happen. It was still a well-grounded book, with characters who knew what they believed and stood firm within it, which I enjoyed.

The pacing and focus of the story seemed a little odd at some points, with the author lingering or hurrying through different scenes at times. While working to establish the characters for this new series, it sometimes felt as if the mystery plot was pushed to the background.

The extensive descriptions of the food the characters enjoy made me hungry! I’ve been to the area in which the book was set, and it pulled on those memories of smells and sights, making my stomach wish for more! I always like books that can give you the whole immersive experience with their descriptions.

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley.



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