Non-Fiction Review: Leslie Ludy’s “The Set-Apart Woman”

I’ve been refreshed through works by Leslie Ludy in the past, and was eager to get a copy of this latest title. I like her writing style, a very raw and real tone that feels like you are sitting with her while she shares with you.

This book came at the perfect time, as I am entering a new life season, and needed a reminder of how to always make sure to put Christ first. Along with reminders of the importance of practical day-to-day prayers, quiet time, and service, Leslie focuses on reestablishing the motivations behind why we do what we do. As she says; “God has promised that when we build our lives around His priorities, He will multiply our time and effectiveness and make sure all our needs are taken care of.”

She goes in-depth into different areas of our lives where we might struggle to put Christ first, reminding readers to ask, “When people see this part of my life, are they drawn closer to Jesus, or are they merely impressed with me?”, because, “there should be no area of our life that is exclusively ours. Rather, every area of our lives should be exclusively God’s.”

I was strengthened, edified, and convicted while reading this book, writing notes over and over in my journal to continue ruminating on later. I like the fact the chapters are laid out for both group study and personal study – allowing readers the chance to go over what they are learning multiple times, from different perspectives.

One part I especially liked is when Leslie is talking about Jesus being our all, and lists out who He is to us by His different names, by verse. I plan to spend some extra study on just that portion of that chapter, as it really brought the larger picture of what she was saying down to a very personal level.

This is a work that will leave you thinking and mulling over new insights, but would be especially good for newer believers, as Leslie helps to lay a foundation of truth that would be very good to start with when a new believer is first studying who Jesus is and what He means to them.

The biggest take-away I received from this work came in these two quotes from Leslie:

 “Whether we are recognized and applauded or disregarded and overlooked, it should make no difference to us. A woman who has taken up her cross to follow Christ cares only about knowing Him and making Him known.”

“Imagine the freedom of being unconcerned whether people appreciated your unique talents, personality, or acts of service. Imagine if your only concern was making Jesus known, even if no one ever remembered your name.”

May it be so.

 I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.


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