Non-Fiction Review: Rachel Anne Ridge’s “Flash”

Imagine, if you will, that feeling when someone asks you for a book recommendation. You pull one from the shelf, press it into their hand, and extol the virtues of the tale within, usually ending with the phrase “you have to read it!”.

Alas, I cannot place my e-book into your hands, but it is with the same fervor that I highly recommend this work!

I wasn’t expecting to be so impacted by this memoir. It sounded like a fun, interesting read, which it definitely is, but it also turned out to be exactly what I needed at the moment. A breath of fresh air, and new perspective on my day-to-day. Mrs. Ridge writes with a clarity of thought and voice that made this work an absolute treat to read.

While you can finish reading in one sitting, the Bible truths Mrs. Ridge brings out, illustrated with life stories, will take you a while to mull over. I wrote down many quotes and takeaways. For example, “what I do comes from who I am, not the other way around,” and “Character is really only as good as the relationships around you. Honesty, love, generosity, and truth must have an object, or they remain theories rather than becoming realities in our lives.”

Instead of just focusing on how to get out of the valley, back to the sunshine, Mrs. Ridge takes the time to look around at the valley, learning what it can teach her, and what she can take away for others. As she said, “God moved Saul from his own little world, by means of a frustrating mission, into a place of encounter.” If we only focus on getting out, getting over with, getting done in our lives, we may miss the bigger picture. I know I am fully guilty of focusing too much on what I do, and not who I am, and often, forgetting Whose I am. Stepping back and getting correct perspective has begun to change my day-to-day life for the better.

I admit, I wasn’t expecting that from a story about a stray donkey!

Flash is a character that will stick with you for a while! I appreciate Mrs. Ridge sharing him, her family, and part of their journey with us.

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley.


One thought on “Non-Fiction Review: Rachel Anne Ridge’s “Flash”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind review! It means so much to know that you enjoyed it and have taken Flash’s life lessons into your heart…just as I have mine! I did not expect to learn from a stray donkey, either – LOL!! I love how everyday things can become catalysts for change! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts about the book….Flash sends his love!

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