Non-Fiction Review: Scott Dannemiller’s “The Year Without A Purchase”

I loved this book! And as I laughed – out loud – no less than three times just in the Introduction, you can believe me when I say this book is hilarious. Mr. Dannemiller recounts his family’s experiment with honesty and humor, weaving together a great read.

Reading through the Dannemiller’s experiences stirred strong feelings of thankfulness. The book is not written as a scathing chastisement of consumerism, but as a priority and reality check for our lives. I am now newly aware, and immensely grateful for the abundance of things I possess, and how much more I can share with those around me.

I am also extra grateful for the family and friends I have. While I prize spending time with the people in my life, The Year Without a Purchase gave me many ideas for making that time more meaningful in the immediate, and fostering cherished memories. 

This is a book that sparks conversation. Previously I had never heard of the “Wise Men Gifts” tradition, of only giving three gifts at Christmas. That concept, and many others prompted some cool conversations for me and my family. We may not implement everything the Dannemiller’s did, but the discussions their ideas sparked will bring us our own family traditions, values, and memories.

Highly Recommended!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley


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