Non-Fiction Review: from Brother Andrew, with John and Elizabeth Sherrill, “God’s Smuggler” – Expanded Edition

This is an updated edition of a book that I grew up with! I remember finding it on my parent’s large set of bookshelves, curling up into our large recliner to read, and being fascinated by the story of Brother Andrew. It became one of those books that stuck with me over the years, foundational in how I viewed the world, and understood my faith.  

And now, to have the opportunity to read the expanded edition, to know more of the story, was indeed a highlight of my  reading this year!

If I ever need a reminder of just how faithful God is, and how securely He holds and guides the lives of those who trust in Him, all I need do is read about Brother Andrew, or George Müller – another great man of faith and obedience to God whose stories I grew up with, and have recently been reading about again. I love the way Brother Andrew’s friend put it, when he brought word of supernatural provision, and was met by human logic and doubt about how things would work out.

“I’m not arguing the logic of the case. I’m just passing on the message.”

How many times do I read the promises of the Bible, or hear words of encouragement and promise in prayer, and because they don’t seem logical to me, or I forget just how much bigger God is than the momentary things I am dealing with – and I doubt? Many, I’m sorry to say. This simple statement of faith and truth really resonated with me, helping me to regain a true focus in my life.

Having clarity of purpose does not always mean having full scope of the path ahead. But that’s where faith and obedience lead the way, and you get to see the fantastic things God will do through you in His plan. Again, a friend of Brother Andrew summed it up so clearly:

“That’s the excitement in obedience,” he said. “Finding out later what God had in mind.”

Many times, I have seen myself and those around me get so caught up in looking ahead and trying to map everything out, that we forget we are not called to make sure everything works out today, tomorrow, and five years from now. That’s not our job, only God is big enough to handle that. We are only to follow our calling and purpose today; and then tomorrow, follow it again, wherever God leads. What a great relief it is to remember that I’m not in charge, that I don’t have to take on the whole load! It’s a reminder that I feel many in the Church community need to hear again today.

The extra chapters and the annotated pictures at the end of the new book were amazing! I loved getting to know how the story continues up to present day – and it was comforting to see that it does continue to present day. Often we can think of great works of God as “back then”, but here is a clear reminder of how active and faithful the work is even into the 21st century.

This book is so encouraging, and it definitely is a call to action, stirring up passion within the reader. I highly, fully, recommend it!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley


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