Non-Fiction Review: Bee Wilson’s “First Bite”

“The best children’s food is a result of adults controlling the nutrition, but children controlling what they put in their mouths.”

I love that quote, and I must admit, I had to stop myself from quoting the book over and over in this review. It is incredible, with so many parts worth sharing and talking over with those around you. I stopped nearly every other page to look at my husband and say “listen to this!”

And that is saying something, as this is a hefty book, almost textbook-esque in its scope and content. But the author’s writing style pulls you in, making the information very understandable and fun to read! There is so much amazing information and history, that I loved reading the work, but had to take a break in between chapters to process everything I’d just finished reading.

Through it all though, the work inspires you. Ms. Wilson is very factual, not deriding or preaching about better or lesser food habits, but allowing the reader to learn and internalize the food truths she lays out. I came away with new ways to look at my own eating and my family’s eating, and a new appreciation and understanding for why I like the things I do, and the way I want to bring up my children when it comes to food.

This book releases December 1, 2015, and I HIGHLY recommend a copy!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley


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