Fiction Review: Lynn Austin’s “On This Foundation”

Once again, I enter a series late to the party! But no harm done, as this work is based on an entire book of the Bible – Nehemiah – and stands alone unto itself very well. Yet, looking at the previous titles in Ms. Austin’s Restoration Chronicles, I can see how it works in the overall tapestry, as they are each distinctive weaves. I greatly appreciated that about this book – it allowed me to recommend it to some friends, even though I didn’t have the others on hand.

I’ve read the Book of Nehemiah before in my Bible studies, and really enjoyed it as both a tale, and a lesson of obedience and faithfulness. Yet Ms. Austin’s rendering really made the story pop, putting in cultural context that helped me see deeper layers not first obvious.

I also liked that as the Book of Nehemiah is a very thorough account, Ms. Austin didn’t have to get overly “extra biblical” with embellishment. She stayed true to the actual, amazing story, which allowed the realness of her depictions of historical characters to come through even brighter. And as her writing style is one of amazing descriptions and storytelling, I found it first class in immersion!

I’ve already handed off my copy and will continue to highly recommend!


I received a review copy of this work from the publisher


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