Non-Fiction Review: Brother Nathan’s “Love Casts Out Fear”

What an inspiring book! A great call to action in my own faith, with a good lesson on the great work that happens when you follow God’s calling – even when it’s hard, dangerous, or goes against worldly wisdom.

I plan to give this book to my children, once they are a little older, as a teaching tool on some very weighty concepts. Hatred, revenge, jihad, these are elements that exist within our world today, which we must learn to respond to in a Christlike fashion. Brother Nathan gives us his perspective on his journey from a broken 6-year-old boy, to triumphal renewal as a young man and beyond. His writing style gives the reader a very real, but gentle treatment of the struggle he went through facing these big impacts on his life.

I loved the insider’s look into the history and context of what is going on in Egypt and its regional neighbors – not the media’s sanitized or┬ásensationalized version. The stories of their daily lives and needs made those people real to me, and brought a deeper sense of global community.

Definitely check out this book!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley