Fiction Review: Elizabeth Camden’s “Until the Dawn”

An interesting and fun book that kept a joyful tone, even while dealing with some darker moments. I really enjoyed reading this work!

Vivid descriptions are what catch the reader’s attention first, so detailed they nearly come off the page. And the characters have quirks and depth that bring them into crisp clarity in the mind’s eye. The premise may be that oft-told tale of love winning the day, but these characters are ones you’ve not met before, and will enjoy getting to know.

The setting was very unique, with the fledgling Weather Bureau, and the station Sophie maintains not something I’ve ever read before. This unique factor is framed very well in the surrounding town and culture, making the historical part of this work well done. While the tale is complete by the last page, there was so much more story to be told! I felt there were some loose ends I would have liked the answers to, but in all, it was a satisfying read.

My greatest recommendation of this book comes from the great multi-generational stories of redemption the reader gets to see. Watching the way the different characters choose their paths is a highlight of the work. Definitely check it out!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher


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