Non-Fiction Review: Lisa Bevere’s “Girls with Swords”

This review is from my “for fun” stack of books I’m reading through – books that are new to me, not necessarily new to print. This title came as a recommendation at the library, and I am so glad to have picked it up!

This is a deep, deep dive into how swords are an image of our faith. Ms. Bevere has layers upon layers of ideas to share – each chapter building on the last, and she takes the time to comb through it all and lay it out fully for the reader. There is a lot of research behind this work, and Ms, Bevere uses it all, but in a way that teaches, not just wading through empty facts. I really enjoyed the style she uses in this work.

This isn’t your typical “you are wonderful, go take on the world” book for women that one can find so easily on the shelves. This is a focused, intentional look at the enemy against us, and the preparations, legacy, weapons, and strategies for battle we must  use in our fight. Ms. Bevere puts it so well when she says, “it is always better to choose your position through decisive action, then to have it chosen for you through passive default.”

This work is a great blend of quotes from notable historical figures, verses from the Bible, and Ms. Bevere’s own thoughts and insights. All of them add up to great truths that inspired deep discussions while I read through the book. I look forward to reading through this one again, to dig deeper into things I may have only brushed before, and I look forward to gifting copies to my friends, to continue the good conversations that spring up!


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