Fiction Review: Julie Anne Lindsey’s “A Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic”

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geek cover  Julie Anne

This book was SO much fun to read. I highly recommend getting the rest in the series as well, for a full dive into Mia’s life and adventures.

I have a great love for ren fests, and can be found, in costume, with my friends and family attending at least one each year. The look into the different areas of the fair, the different personalities of the performers and vendors, how invested or disinterested different individuals are in their immersion, was all amazingly well crafted and on point. The reader truly feels they are walking the grounds with Mia, experiencing that unique hum of activity one only finds at these events.

The resolution to the mystery was fast, action-packed and kept me turning the pages in anticipation. I wished the book were longer, so we could get more explanation of everything that happened with the characters we’d met. Always the problem with the really good stories, more tale to be told, but you have to stop writing at some point to publish!

My absolute favorite scene is the note on the napkin. I’d dare even to say it’s in my top five favorite scenes I’ve ever read. And now that I’ve gotten your curiosity, GO READ THIS BOOK!

Mia’s voice and personality reminded me of Dahlia Moss, from a previous work I’ve reviewed. I now plan to gift both together to all my geek friends, as they are fantastic works!

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