Fiction Review: Marty Wingate’s “Skeleton Garden”

This week’s review is a stop on the Great Escapes Blog Tour for Skeleton Garden.

SkeletonCover  MartyPicture

I absolutely love the characters in this series, and I know it is all thanks to Ms. Wingate’s amazing ability to bring them to life for the reader – giving each their own powerful, distinct voice and letting them tell the story. The book starts with an introduction/recap of everyone in our starring cast, and a brief history of their previous adventures. This was well blended into the rest of the story, immersing the reader back into the lives of Pru and her family.

And what a family! Full of love, teasing, squabbles, dysfunction and synergy by turns, this work shines in its main theme – that of relationships. Beyond the mystery, this is a book about how the interconnections of our relationships, past and present, can impact us and shape who we are. Seeing how one life, even one action, can impact those around us for generations gave me something to ponder, long after the last page was turned.

I also loved actually watching Pru in her garden, and her love for it all, which we didn’t get to dive as deeply into in previous works. Getting to see that side of her was quite fun, especially with the extra adventures from her “helper”.

I REALLY enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend you get all in the series!


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