Non-fiction Review: Barbara Rainey’s “Letters to My Daughters”

In just 6 words, the subtitle of this work: “The Art of Being a Wife,” captures the book’s essence in a way not many subtitles do! The word pictures, the ways Ms. Rainey describes the world of relationships, all are full of rich color, depth and meaning.

Relating marriage to different types of art connects with everyone in some fashion, as we all have a type of art we gravitate toward, and understand the world through. The fantastic imagery makes reading the book a treat itself, on top of the amazing content within.

I absolutely love the letter format in this work. It allows Ms. Rainey to convey very clear thoughts and honest answers, while reaching out with a personal touch. She doesn’t gloss over the hard issues, nor berate those who ask for advice. She completely captures the tone of mother and mentor, and creates a book you want to read, as you know you will receive clear, caring instruction.

I plan to bundle this work with “15 Verses” as gifts to my newlywed friends, as they both impacted me greatly, refining my outlook and attitudes in my own marriage!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher


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