Fiction Review: Marty Wingate’s “The Bluebonnet Betrayal”


We’re back to adventure with Pru and Christopher!

I love Ms. Wingate’s characters and her ability to give them so much depth. Each character has a past, and a distinct personality that feeds the story – gives it life – without any clunky expose. Additionally, getting to see the characters in a setting outside of their comfort zone allows us to get to know them deeper – and I enjoyed the story all the more for it!

There are many misdirects throughout the work, making it an engaging and fun read. You will think you’ve got a handle on the culprits, and then the author pulls the rug from beneath all your assumptions. This is no easy “who-dun-it”!

A neat facet was the “newsletter blurbs” at the beginning of each chapter. I have worked on newsletters before, so I chuckled all the harder at the notes and announcements from those snippets, as I know how closely they resemble real life!

A great, fun read!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley


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