Fiction Review – TJ O’Connor’s “New Sins for Old Scores”

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The art of misdirection.
This work is one of the finest I have read in pulling this off!

This book is jam-packed. You have two parallel stories, with their own sets of players, and then you have the third portion where they overlap. There is so much going on, so many things to keep track of – while this is definitely a page-turner, my advice is to take your time reading!

I would recommend any authors who are working with their own ensemble casts to learn from Mr. O’Connor’s example. I wasn’t quite at the point where I was diagramming character connections on a white board to keep up, but it came close. I would have loved to have watched Mr. O’Connor’s creation process – so many characters talking at once! – as in the final product all of them are well-rounded, with none lost in the background. And I admit, I hope to see hope to see more of Trick, Jax, Christie, and Finch (especially Finch) to come, perhaps. 

The story itself is a wonderfully crafted tale. The plots slowly weave into each other throughout the work, like puzzle pieces handed to you at the right time. You never feel something has been shoe-horned in to make everything work – there is solid methodical planning and delivery upon which everything else is built.

This is my first O’Connor book, and I’m definitely looking forward to more!

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Tj O’CONNOR IS THE GOLD MEDAL WINNER OF THE 2015 INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS BOOK AWARDS (IPPY) FOR MYSTERIES. He is the author of New Sins for Old Scores, from Black Opal Books, and Dying to Know for the Past, and Dying to Tell new thriller, The Consultant, will be out in May 2018 from Oceanview Publishing. Tj is an international security consultant specializing in anti-terrorism, investigations, and threat analysis—life experiences that drive his novels. With his former life as a government agent and years as a consultant, he has lived and worked around the world in places like Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and throughout the Americas—among others. He was raised in New York’s Hudson Valley and lives with his wife and Lab companions in Virginia where they raised five children. Dying to Know is also the2015 Bronze Medal winner of the Reader’s Favorite Book Review Awards, a finalist for the Silver Falchion Best Books of 2014, and a finalist for the Foreword Review’s 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award.

Learn about Tj’s world at:

Web Site    Facebook     Blog     Goodreads


3 thoughts on “Fiction Review – TJ O’Connor’s “New Sins for Old Scores”

  1. Good morning! Thank you for being part of my book tour! Just stopping by to say thank you and hello! What a great review, I’m honored you liked my story that much and in particular, my character interactions. Looking forward to reading more of your posts on this site! Many thanks again! …. Tj O’Connor

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