Fiction Review: Jill WIlliamson’s “Kings Folly”

This book? Simply fantastic. 

Ms. Williamson’s style is very fun to read. In this work, she titles each chapter with the point-of-view character, which helps transition the reader’s mind to where we’ve left them last in the story. This is something I have seen done in other works, but here I felt it worked much better than I have encountered elsewhere. Ms. Williamson weaves her story so tightly together that it feels natural, no jerky transitions.
Also, there is a lot of world-specific vocabulary throughout, but it is used so naturally and consistently that the reader is very quickly able to get the hang of it.

When you pick up this book, buckle up for a ride – it is action packed! There are some quiet moments, but they are never dull or boring. This is one of the best examples of great pacing, and expert mixing of different plot threads I’ve seen in a story!

I really enjoyed the “Note from the Author” at the end which helped to round out my understanding and appreciation for the story by hearing her intent with writing it. I still have many questions of “what happens next?!” and am looking forward to rest of series!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley