Fiction Review: Lawana Blackwell’s “A Haven on Orchard Lane”

Of all the styles of books I love, stories of redemption are the ones I love the most. And “A Haven on Orchard Lane” definitely fits that bill!

I grew up reading Mrs. Blackwell’s books, and have always enjoyed her style. The vivid settings, the rich plots, and deep characters stay with you. These books are carefully crafted, honed by great talent. New authors should definitely take notes from Mrs. Blackwell on the creation of a story.

This work has a lot going on! There are several plot-lines crisscrossing each other, keeping the reader glued to each page, so as not to miss a minute.  Mrs. Blackwell also tackles many deep subjects through the characters, talking with the reader about the danger of assumptions, those dealing with abuses, and as stated before, redemption, among others.

I really enjoyed this work, and highly recommend it!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley


Non-Fiction Review: Brandi Haas’ “More Tales From Suburbia”

This review is a stop on the Great Escapes blog tour for “More Tales from Suburbia”.

moretalesfromsuburbia  brandi-haas-author-photo

This book is a GREAT way to start the day. Those few quiet minutes before the kids wake up, a hot drink of your choice, and another Tale From Suburbia – a recipe that can’t be beat! 

I highly recommend this book for all moms (and dads) out there! The Tales within the story retain the style of a blog post, but here, it works – as the reader can take in one or two for a pick-me-up on those hectic, rushed mornings – or settle in during a quiet moment to enjoy a laugh fest. 

And believe me, your sides will ache, and the tears will roll. All the parents out there will find so much truth in the roughly 200 pages of hard-hitting hilarity in Mrs. Haas’ second book. It is definitely one to read, and then read again!

In short, I loved this book, and can’t wait to get a copy for all my fellow mom friends.

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Fiction Review: Marty Wingate’s “The Bluebonnet Betrayal”


We’re back to adventure with Pru and Christopher!

I love Ms. Wingate’s characters and her ability to give them so much depth. Each character has a past, and a distinct personality that feeds the story – gives it life – without any clunky expose. Additionally, getting to see the characters in a setting outside of their comfort zone allows us to get to know them deeper – and I enjoyed the story all the more for it!

There are many misdirects throughout the work, making it an engaging and fun read. You will think you’ve got a handle on the culprits, and then the author pulls the rug from beneath all your assumptions. This is no easy “who-dun-it”!

A neat facet was the “newsletter blurbs” at the beginning of each chapter. I have worked on newsletters before, so I chuckled all the harder at the notes and announcements from those snippets, as I know how closely they resemble real life!

A great, fun read!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley