Fiction Review: Thomas Locke’s “Recruits”


This was a fantastic read. I greatly enjoy the fact that while Mr. Locke’s plots move at a brisk pace, his ability to world-build, and make scenes come alive, never wavers or suffers. The reader is pulled deep within the story, and resurfaces at the end of the book asking for more.

I have read different takes on “twins” in stories. Often, those stories suffer for emphasizing either their sameness, or stark individuality, respectively. This was one of the first books where I’ve seen twins on the page that reflected my experience of twins in life. I became invested in Sean and Dillon’s relationship with each other and with those around them. It all felt real, and progression we see between them, natural. It was a highlight of the book for me.

I am so eager to dive back into this world and see what new adventures and mysteries await. I highly recommend you do as well!

I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley.


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